Welcome to UBERCUT, a creative space where the art of storytelling is brought to life by our founder & creative lead, Jorrit Monné. At UBERCUT, we believe in the power of film to captivate, inspire, and connect people from all walks of life. With a remarkable history of achievements, which includes receiving two prestigious Vimeo Staff Picks, accumulating over 100 million views (and counting), earning recognition in Billboard Magazine, and being featured in prominent newspapers, UBERCUT stands as a trailblazer in the filmmaking industry.

Our vision

At UBERCUT, we are deeply passionate about exploring the frontiers of visual storytelling. Our vision is to craft cinematic experiences that leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Whether through stunning visuals, emotive narratives, or thought-provoking concepts, we aim to spark meaningful conversations and evoke profound emotions through our films.

Our Dedication to Excellence

At UBERCUT, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Be it a music video, a documentary, a commercial, or a short film, we approach each project with a dedication to craftsmanship and artistic integrity, which has defined our work from the outset.

We collaborate with a diverse team of talented individuals who share our passion for storytelling, ensuring that every project reflects our collective creativity and expertise.

Embark on the Journey with Us

Discover our portfolio of work and experience the art of storytelling through our films. Join us as we venture on our cinematic journey, continuously pushing creative boundaries and reshaping the art of filmmaking.

We believe that every frame has a story to tell, and we are excited to share these stories with you.


For inquiries, collaborations, or to get in touch with Jorrit Monné and the UBERCUT team, please give us a call at +31 645 680 039, book in a discovery call or send us an email at info@ubercut.com

We’re excited for the chance to connect and discuss how we can transform your creative vision into reality through film.



Bob van den Meiracker
Bob van den MeirackerContour Collective
Lees verder
With great passion for his trade and true dedication to high quality work, Jorrit continues to amaze me with his projects. Having worked closely with him in highly confidential, exclusive film projects, I have witnessed his ability to create strong concepts and their efficient realization.
Ben Brown Bentley
Ben Brown BentleyMonstercat
Lees verder
Jorrit and UBERCUT produce some of the best event and music video content I have seen. Him and his team are always incredibly professional, reliable and go above and beyond when it comes to taking things like B roll that add additional elements to a video. Typically when working with a video team we will have several rounds of drafts and edits but with Jorrit I can’t remember ever having more than one round, and often it’s perfect on delivery. Very appreciative for the work he’s done capturing some of our most important moments on the road. I would recommend him to anyone that asks!
Daan Bemelmans
Daan BemelmansCodeDB
Lees verder
Great, down to earth professional; we're working a year now and always a professional, unburdening the client with a good eye for details and very important within budget and agreed time schedule! Let's keep on working together.

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