UBERcut loves to make Video’s.
We can put some pretentious text here, but we won’t bother you with that.
We simply like to make the best video’s together with our clients.

  • We write concepts
  • We film
  • We edit
  • We design
  • We do post production

We always try to fix challenges in an unconventional way, which will result in the most memorable solutions.
With millions of views on our video’s and many international clients, we are confident enough to dive in any challenge that we get served!
Music Video’s, Commercials, Documentaries, Tour video’s, Corporate video’s.
With our large network of talented people we can as easily team up for bigger productions as we do on smaller ones.
We’re thing since 10-10-2010 and have been loving every minute of it!

You’re always welcome to come over for a drink and battle some video challenges! (or a game of Smash Brothers)


We work a lot with our good friends of Kraftstoff and Sunrise Productions.